Martha says: "The sites in this portfolio are some of the ones I designed and coded myself. You may also be interested in my work with Extra Mile Design. (Take the web sites tour - I coded most of them, though the lovely designs are the work of others.)"

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  • Barry Leibman
  • Don Asbee
  • Kathy Evans
  • Mary Dart's book
  • Organized Woman

Barry Leibman, Painter

Barry Leibman

Barry Leibman is a well-established painter from St Louis who unaccountably decided to retire to the state of Washington, where he now must re-establish himself.. We told him not to go, but he's planning to, anyway, and so we built him this portfolio to display his lovely work.

Don Asbee, Metal Artist

Don Asbee

Don't call Don a blacksmith, no matter how much iron he bends. But enjoy his amazing installations.

Kathy Evans, Life Story Teller

Kathy Evans

Kathy does a wonderful thing - helping families capture their histories. She interviews, and really listens, then writes people's stories. She has the books printed, then put together with hand-crafted bookbindings. Her clients get their histories and a work of art.

Mary Dart, Author

Marty Dart's book

Mary Dart literally "wrote the book" on the rise of contra dancing in the seveties and eighties in America., documenting the change from "community dancing" to "dance communities." This is a web version of the book, made available on the CDSS website.

The Organized Woman

The Organized Woman

When you need a hand getting it all together and sorting it out, Cheryl DeCain is an amazing help. She's sensitive and kind, but pretty no-nonsense, so the job really does get done!