Martha says: "The sites in this portfolio are some of the ones I designed and coded myself. You may also be interested in my work with Extra Mile Design. (Take the web sites tour - I coded most of them, though the lovely designs are the work of others.)"

  • Stringdancer
  • Chicory
  • Jan Marra
  • The Farmertones
  • Geoff Seitz violins


High Tea & WhiskeyStringdancer's my first band. We still get together a couple of times a year. It's always a treat.


Blackthorn Morris

Chicory was around for years, and we had a great time. Then Ben went Off to California. (Check out Uncle Farmer.)

Now I play with Reel Women and Ragged Robin and the Halcyon Light Orchestra and the Tu'Penny Players and the Jam Band. I'll put up a site for them one day, too.

Jan Marra, Singer and Songwriter

Childgrove Country Dancers

Jan's a good friend, and a wonderful singer.

The Farmertones

The Farmertones

This is the "all-star" team of St Louis old-time players. They got together for the silliest reality TV show ever - four city girls compete for the attentions of a very cute farmer boy. One of their tasks, after cleaning out the Augean stables, was to go to a square dance...

Geoff Seitz Violins

Geoff Seitz Violins

Geoff Seitz is my luthier, the guy who takes care of my fiddle. It's a fabulous studio/workshop/shop that he has.