Martha says: "The sites in this portfolio are some of the ones I designed and coded myself. You may also be interested in my work with Extra Mile Design. (Take the web sites tour - I coded most of them, though the lovely designs are the work of others.)"


Rupununi Learners

Rupununi Learners Foundation

The amazing Alice Taylor has been bringing books and reading to the Rupununi Savannah since 2004, and the web site has grown along with the project. See the pictures. Read the stories. Be in awe.

Orchestra Leadership Academy

Earthshine Contra

The Orchestra Leadership Academy is a project of the American Symphony Orchestra League, helping train people in the fine art of running symphony orchestras. They're no longer using this web site I built back in 1999, but I still like it.

USS Robinson

USS Robinson

This web site has helped the men who served on the USS Robinson ("Robbie" ) get to their reunions since 1998. The guys served during WWII and Korea, and post-Korea. The Robbie is no longer with us, and the men are aging, but their spirit is strong and they get together every September to remind themselves of just how strong that spirit is.

Calligraphy Conference - Confluence 2004

Confluence 2004

This is the web site for the 24th Annual International Conference of Calligraphy and the Lettering Arts. There are some beautiful examples of calligraphy and bookbinding on these pages.

Treehouse Wildlife Center

Treehouse Wildlife CenterThe Treehouse Wildlife Center rescues hurt and orphaned wildlife animals, particularly birds.


Not-for-Profit Organizations

Delta Gamma Center
Kirkwood High School
New England Center for Children
Orchestra Leadership Academy
Rupununi Learners Foundation
St. Louis Alzheimer's Society
St. Louis Children's Hospital
Treehouse Wildlife Society
Taproots School of the Arts
USS Robinson